Thursday, August 02, 2007

Michelle Malkin's poor logic

Joe Biden and Bill Richardson are the voice of the Democratic Party?

-- Corey Hutchins

In her recent column “The Democrats’ gun owner -bashing YouTube moment,” disseminated in corporate alt weekly panderers to the evangelical right-wing conservative advertising bloc, she makes a pretty laughable assumption about “The Democrats’” view on the Second Amendment in her labeling of Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Bill Richardson both as “leading presidential candidates.”

In fact her whole argument stemmed from the answers of Biden and Richardson as if they were the gospel voice of the Democratic Party.


Because if Joe Biden is not only a “leading presidential candidate” but also speaks for the entire Democratic Party then the next time I see Sen. Brownback verbally masturbating to everything between Genesis and Revelations or Ron Paul saying how we should end capital punishment, I’m going to go ahead and take that as The Right’s Holy View…by proxy of course, which is exactly what Malkin did.

She also uses the “Liberal” audience’s silence on Biden’s “snide” remarks about gun owners and the mentally ill to cement her argument that Democrats don’t believe in the Second Amendment and also have no compassion for the disabled. But Malkin probably forgot how many top key Republicans in the CPAC audience laughed and applauded when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a “faggot” at the convention.

To her credit-- though we don’t need Michelle Malkin to tell us this-- the Democrats typically do have a pussy-foot stance on the Second Amendment, which is a shame. But it probably does work for them and, really, trying to take that issue away from the Right would be like Gov. Mark Sanford saying the Right should take the environmental issue away from the Left. It’s just not gonna happen.


Unknown said...

If Michelle Malkin had a dollar for every brain she didn't have, she would have one dollar.

By the way, thanks for mentioning Ron Paul. I think he is the most honest politician running for president. I love liberty, and I know that without the rule of law, government can trample our freedoms on a whim. The Constitution is our rule of law, so we need a President like Ron Paul to restore limited government as enumerated in our founding document.

Anonymous said...

Actually, governments trample over you WITH the rule of law. You didn't actually think law (upheld and promoted by said government) was made to protect YOU.

But in other news, I don't really understand the reason for right wing bits in that OTHER alt-weekly column section. It sticks out like a sore thumb, and no one who cares about those people is actually going to read an alt-weekly anyways. They don't even support local wingnuts anymore. For shame.

Avery B said...

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