Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The State newspaper picks up Christian Exodus story...two weeks later

Two weeks after City Paper reported the founder of the religions, conservative, secessionist group, Christian Exodus, planned to lead an emigration to the South Carolina Upstate in order to take over state politics, the state’s largest daily newspaper ran an Associated Press report about the “breaking news.”

We’re sure it just took two weeks for one of the “boys in the newsroom” to go outside to buy a Coke and a Starburst and stumble across Columbia’s only locally-owned alternative weekly, but hey, better late than never.

-Corey Hutchins


Anonymous said...

Actually, I heard about this on NPR a long time ago. This really isn’t breaking news for anyone anymore, just a weirdo cult that pops up every once in a while to say hey.

Unknown said...

Newspaper Hack is right. This story rears its ugly head in S.C. every few years.

However, when I was researching my take on Christian Exodus I couldn't find any previously published information to indicate when the founder was actually planning to move to South Carolina. When I asked him about it, I learned that he was planning to relocate in July. The headline of the AP story was something like "Christian Exodus leader plans to relocate to S.C. in July" or something.

Either it's an odd coincidence that the AP and I both decided-- after four years or so of relative silence on the subject-- to revisit Christian Exodus at the same time OR those guys were riding our RSS feed again. Which is fine. We respect those guys. And though there is no code of conduct that requires it, it would be nice to be credited as a source on occasion.

Anonymous said...

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