Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Say Tomato...

Free Times staff writer, Ron Aiken, was quick to correct a reference in Todd Morehead’s article “Dirty Dancing” in the Jan 31 issue, in which Morehead referred to him as a restaurant reviewer.

Aiken, who coined the phrase, “Whigtastic Breakfast Sampler” in a December column, told City Paper, “I am not a restaurant reviewer.” City Paper regrets the error and would like to assure readers that Mr. Aiken’s following articles are also not restaurant reviews:

“Of Sin and Salty Nuts” Vol. 20, Issue 4 (Salty Nut Cafe)

“The Trouble with Truffles” Vol. 20, Issue 3 (USC Wine and Beverage Institute)

“Ten Course Dinners at Solstice Slam Dunk” Vol. 19, Issue 46 (Solstice)

“ ‘C’ is for Cookie” Vol. 19, Issue 40 (Jammin’ Java)