Thursday, February 15, 2007

The hidden destruction of the Appalachian Mountains

It’s called “mountaintop removal” mining. In West Virginia and eastern Kentucky, coal companies blast as much as 600 feet off the top of the mountains, then dump the rock and debris into mountain streams. Over 300,000 acres of the most beautiful and productive hardwood forests in America have already been turned into barren grasslands. Mountaintop removal mining increases flooding, contaminates drinking water supplies, cracks foundations, and showers nearby towns with dust and noise from blasting.

The Mountaintop Removal Road Show features a beautiful and thought-provoking 22-minute slide show with traditional Appalachian music and culture by Lexington, Kentucky environmental activist Dave Cooper. Discussion to follow the program.

Monday Feb 19 @ 4:00

Green Quad, Learning Center, the Lounge

The Green (West) Quad Learning Center is located at the corner of Wheat

and Sumter Streets. Call 777-1994 for more information.

Sponsored by SAGE, Students Allied for a Greener Earth, and Green (West) Quad Learning Series