Thursday, February 22, 2007

Form Letter From Congressman Joe Wilson

February 20, 2007

Mr. Todd Morehead
PO Box xxxx
Columbia, South Carolina 292xx

Dear Mr. Morehead,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding
H.Con.Res. 63, a non-binding resolution opposing the President's
plan to increase troops in Iraq. I appreciate your taking the time to

I understand your concerns and welcome your interest in
this matter. H.Con.Res. 63 was introduced by Representative Ike
Skelton (MO - 04) on February 12, 2007. Since that time, it
passed the House on February 16, 2007 by a vote of 246 - 182. I
did not vote in favor of this resolution. H.Con.Res. 63 is a non-
binding resolution that only serves to undermine our efforts in Iraq.

I believe that defeat in Iraq would have disastrous
consequences for the United States. Instead of working to advance
our mission in Iraq and promote victory, there are some members
of Congress that are committed to opposing President Bush's
efforts but offer no substantive alternatives. This is a resolution
that provides no solutions for the war in Iraq. Debating war is
positive and a guaranteed right that is offered to all Americans, but
empty resolutions with no policy directions do not move this
country forward and are primarily political.

My convictions are deeply derived from personal
experience and a historical perspective. My concerns have been
developed as a member of the Armed Services Committee, through
which I have visited Iraq six times, as a 31-year veteran of the
Army Reserves and S.C. Army National Guard, and as the proud
parent of an Iraq veteran. President Bush has laid out his plan for
realizing victory and pledged the United States' continued support
- contingent upon the Iraqis' commitment to step-up their efforts
toward achieving stability. This plan will require more of our
brave soldiers to join with Iraqi Security Forces to quell the
violence in Baghdad. Through combat experience, Iraqi forces
will mature and will more quickly assume full control of Iraq's

The stakes in this war are too high and the consequences of
defeat too catastrophic. Al-Qaeda has openly stated Iraq is the
central front in the war on terror. As a member of the United
States House of Representatives, I have a responsibility and
obligation to the people of the 2nd District of South Carolina to
ensure that their safety is never compromised. Please be assured
that I will keep your views in mind as the debate on the War in
Iraq continues.

It is an honor to represent the people of the Second
Congressional District of South Carolina, and I value your input.

If I may be of further assistance to you, please do not
hesitate to contact me.
Very Truly Yours,

Joe Wilson
Member of Congress


Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson is so right! I think we should get our troops back into Viet Nam. I mean, we are America right?

We can't ever be wrong!

Forced Democracy...Here we come...We'll set 1 million Iraqi's FREE by the end of it. I mean a dirt nap is ultimate freedom right?

There's no telemarketers, taxes or hidden charges on your heating bill when you are dead as Billy Joals Career. Yey Freedom!!!!!!

I think I might just stick my tounge in the outlet of this computer, It will be less painful than watching Joe Wilson self destruct politically by pandering to a out of touch ,15% fantasy world base. Lets throw these murderous bastards to minimum wage jobs. Joe Wilson would be doing a better job protecting America if he was a movie theater usher.

dwyvan said...

There is no one person in Congress that I disagree with more. And if he says""god bless America and we will never forget 9/11 one more time, I will shoot myself. Does he realize how stupid he sounds?

If he is such an ardent supporter of the Bush War, then perhaps he should quit congress and devote his time to nothing but Iraq. Maybe even get all of his family to serve in this waste of human life.

He is the second biggest mistake SC ever made. The first being putting Strom back in office when he was reduced to wearing diapers and sleeping all day. We deserve our space on the bottom of the list of states. And we have the GOP to thank for it.