Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Al Gore Nominated for Academy Awards and for Nobel Peace Prize

By Judit Trunkos

This year started with great success for former Vice President Al Gore, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as well as an Academy Award for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. In order to get his message about global warming across, Gore decided to try a different type of mass communication and as a result of the documentary, his message was heard this time.

After losing the presidency on a recount of votes in 2000, Gore stepped down from public life to spend more time on issues he felt were more important than his popularity. He teamed up with David Guggenheim to produce a documentary on global warming in order to shake people up and make them realize the consequences of pollution. In the film, Gore and Guggenheim demonstrate and explain the phenomenon of “Greenhouse Effect” and how the industrialized world is responsible for changing the temperature of the climate by increasing fossil fuel burning. An Inconvenient Truth makes the viewer realize the imminent danger and long-term catastrophe that our world will face if no changes are made to our environmental policies and restrictions.

So far, the documentary has garnered international attention and the two nominations—both in the worlds of entertainment and science— have undoubtedly increased the awareness of global warming and have also attracted attention to Gore. After viewing the sudden popularity of the former vice president, many feel that this is only the beginning of a well-planned presidential campaign for 2008. When asked, Gore did not confirm or exclude the possibility of trying one more time.


Anonymous said...

Judit(h), perhaps:

So that you know, Gore did not lose after a recount. The recount was ultimately stopped by Kathryn Harris with Bush leading by 537 votes.

The recount was stopped in Dade County, by the way, when a group of rowdy Republican operatives mostly from Washington, pretending to be outraged Florida voters, stormed the office where the vote count was taking place. Senator DeMint's Chief of Staff was among them, by the way.

The Supreme Court appoint Bush as President (and we all know how well that has worked out). A later analysis concluded that Gore would have won Florida by thousands of votes, if the recount had continued.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ms. Trunkos that the documentary was probably part of a presidential campaign by Gore. I am not sure about every contention in the documentary. Nice article.

Anonymous said...

The documentary has definitely brought about a great amount of awareness as far as global warming is concerned. However, I doubt this newly found popularity will be strong enough a reason for him to run a successful Presidential campaign in 2008.