Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First Friday’s in Five Points start Feb 2...Bring Your Glock

Despite the Five Points Association spending $90,000 on the Clean & Safe project, a few USC students found on Friday that the area is anything but safe.

The Five Points Association is kicking off one of its first events geared towards helping retailers, First Fridays. Starting Feb 2, evening events will be scheduled for the area and retailers will be open till at least 9pm.

The extra hours will give concerned citizens plenty of time to pop into businesses owned by Association board members and ask why money was spent to build a second fountain instead of installing extra lighting and police call boxes.

Perhaps the Clean & Safe crew will be present in their yellow Bat Mobile truck to keep us all safe with their push brooms while we shop. Bring plenty of quarters for parking meters if you plan on arriving before 7pm… and of course bring your glock.


Anonymous said...

Who shops on Friday nights?
Sounds like another event for the bars in the area.

Wes Wolfe said...

Oh, no! Not the bars! Five Points bars are killing America!