Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Five Points mediation

The city-imposed mediation this evening with Five Points merchants yielded some positive results. President Dennis Hiltner humbly listened to concerns.

The major issue at hand was of course the parking meters.
One delay at immediate relief is Parking Services Director, John Spade. Instead of stickers for meters he's looking at aluminum signs with a quote of $1,867.25 and a 30 to 45 day turn around. He's obviously delaying getting it done before the holidays with such a ridiculous approach. Why should he care, he parks for free wherever he goes. Spade himself bragged to City Paper about his free parking card at last council meeting, waving his electronic card for meters in our face.

They will finalize a temporary solution tomorrow from what I understand, and the FPA has shown that it is willing to discuss things more so than ever before.
We await changes at FPA with optimism and skepticism. I left with a feeling that we all want what is best for Five Points, and our hope is to see new leadership within the FPA to usher in a new era of inclusion.

Regardless, they will still have to provide the answers to some of our financial questions.

Let the healing begin!

Paul Blake