Sunday, June 11, 2006

Come to Jesus

Pray For Them!

Not one elected city official made the public forum about the CMRTA bus crisis on Saturday morning. The auditorium in the basement of Richland County Public library was packed with many people standing in the back of the room.

Where was Coble?
Where was Devine?
Where was Cromartie?
Where was Sinclair?
Where was Davis?

Where was Sanford for that matter?

These politicians have no problem helping big developers, but when it comes to the middle and lower class, they just don’t give a shit.

That was the message sent Saturday.
One councilmember could have represented the City, but the lack of attendance was both deliberate and appalling.

The entire auditorium resulted to praying for City Council and the Bus system. Listen to it here. They need it. After speaking to Jesus, go ahead and call Mayor Coble direct 803-545-3075
City Manager Austin 803-545-3050
Rickenmann 803-799-9477
Cromartie 803-545-3067
Davis 803-545-3066
Devine 803-545-3076


R. G. Liming said...

Just to set the record straight, and I was the fellow who asked all elected officials and CMRTA members to stand, only 3 of the 33 CMRTA members bothered to attend Saturday. County Councilman Paul Livingston was present for a portion of the forum and Columbia City Councilam E. W. Cromartie did show up for the final 20 minutes, but alas they missed most of the public commentary.

There are a range of opinions among all of us, but there are two ponts I feel we can all agree on the Metropolitan Columbia area needs and warrants an effective public transit system and we need to have our elected leaders filled with true dedication and the courage to lead in this fight. It is the time for them to stand up and be counted, black or while, man or woman, Republican, Democrat or Independent, it is time for each to be a servant leader. Thank You

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