Monday, November 28, 2005


In order to still have a reason to pick us up, these features will be in the print version only.
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Tman said...

This article is a bunch of crap!
I am all for the death penalty!
I don't care about other countries and their laws. I care about the laws of this country and I believe in the Death Penalty.
Why should a person,who has commited a terrible crime be sent to life in Prison? Why should we allow this type of person to live? Many people think sending a person to life in Prison is like taking out the the trash. The take to the curb and it's picked up and they soon forget about it. What the fail to realize is many of these criminals thrive in the Prison environment. They become predators on other inmates and cause all sorts of problems for Prison staff. Have you ever worked in a Prison? If a person commits murder or any other heinous crime and found guility in our court of law, then they should be executed. They should not be allowed to live a life where they are able still able to find joy, love, laughter or pleasure.

William Davis said...

Obviously this guy hasn't read the article. Even if you are for the death penalty, this case would be historic as THIS WASN'T EVEN A PREMEDITADED ACT.
I guess your position of "any heinous crime" should be the new standard applied by the Supreme Court.
To answer your question, It's cost less tax payer money to let a souless thug rot in prison than play God and flicking a switch. You prison points are ridiculous. Becoming a predtor or getting a broom stick in the ass isn't a thriving enviroment. Are you trying to say there is a good chance for rehibiltation in prison.

Joe Lyons said...

"I believe in the death penalty".
Nice core belief. Do you pray to the death penalty every night you psycho?

You've missed the whole point of this article. I have no problem with the death penalty for extreme cases wheere there is little possability for redemtion. This particular case is not about being for or against the death penalty. It's about a guy about to die because of a robbery gone bad. There is good and bad in all of us Tman. Unfortunately some of us wind up making far worse mistakes than others. I don't think we shoud overuse the death penalty. Look at that case in Singapore. They just killed a 25 year old Australian kid yesterday for drug possesion. Did you mistake? I hope your "death penalty" God is a forgiving one.

Anonymous said...

City Paper rocks! I've been reading the issues for the past two months. Keep up the good work! You're coming at a perfect time. Free Times is lame!

Tammy Pon said...

Glad you like us! We at CCP aren't trying to go against Free Times. It's a great paper with plenty of reasons to pick it up. (Think about how many radio stations there are in town.) CCP is a much different product and has it's own thing going on, so I think you'll see us co-exist for a long time. It is ashame they see us as direct competition, but we'll continue to conduct business ethically while their sales reps do things like remove our papers.
They'll eventually have enough confidence in their own product to give us the respect due.

Anonymous said...

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