Sunday, October 23, 2005

Get an advanced copy of Tight Ends and download the pdf at

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Thanks to the law students that phoned in today. I like to think we "rock" as well, and we look forward to you defending us in the future.
We will have a list of locations where you can pick the paper up online soon.
I've let most publishers in town know that we have rights to all Snitch racks and those unlabeled will be done so this week.
Anyone caught messing with our racks will be reported to Columbia City Police department.
If you think we are joking, just ask one publisher when you check out Police Report #05-34294.
So if you are that fat kid in Gambrell Hall, we have big plans for you. Since the first copy is free and each additional is a dollar, we were waiting for you to hit the 1,000 mark in papers stolen. This way it’s considered Grand Larceny, which will make it much more serious. Thanks for playing with Columbia City Paper!