Monday, November 28, 2005


In order to still have a reason to pick us up, these features will be in the print version only.
So pick up one at :
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

USC's Garnet & Black magazine has a feature on Columbia City Paper. They asked our editor how he started his own newspaper. We are grateful for more free publicity as we continue to grow and expand. Thanks G&B!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dear Guy that phoned in yelling and threatening today,
Sorry about the Deer and the Starbucks thing. In just a few years your 12 year old girl will be dating, and the problems you'll have will make this little deer miss-understanding seem meaningless. Heck, maybe the figurines will help get conversations started with many parents and we were glad to have provided this public service.
I recommend this site
It states, "Studies show that kids who feel they can talk with their parents about sex -- because their moms and dads speak openly and listen carefully to them -- are less likely to engage in high-risk behavior as teens than kids who do not feel they can talk with their parents about the subject."
So explore your feelings about sex. If you are very uncomfortable with the subject, read some books (see Readings for Parents) and discuss your feelings with a trusted friend, relative, physician, or clergy member. The more you examine the subject, the more confident you'll feel discussing it."

Note that it doesn't mention talking to your psychologist, although judging from your anger problems, we at CCP highly recommend it.
It also suggests that maybe you should have started this conversation a year ago,
If your child is a pre-teen, you need to include some message about the responsibilities and consequences of sexual activity. Conversations with 11 and 12-year-olds, for example, should include talks about unwanted pregnancy and how they can protect themselves."

Any case, we do feel bad, but she will see much worse at the local museum or zoo. And if you really want to protect her, I recommend spending time with her at either place or any one of the fine attractions Columbia has to offer.

All the best,
Columbia City Paper

Here's the Starr settlement documents if you are interested in the case. Here's part two of our FOI request. We are done reporting on this. We are hopeful other local media will see the importance of getting the word out on these secret settlements when USC is a publicly funded University. Today the president got a nice 40K bonus bringing his salary to over half a million.
I am sick of where our taxpayer money goes. This is bull shit.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thanks to the law students that phoned in yesterday. I like to think we "rock" as well, and we look forward to you defending us in the future.
We will have a list of locations where you can pick the paper up online soon.
I've let most publishers in town know that we have rights to all Snitch racks and those unlabeled will be done so this week.
Anyone caught messing with our racks will be reported to Columbia City Police department.
If you think we are joking, just ask one publisher when you check out Police Report #05-34294.
So if you are that fat kid in Gambrell Hall, we have big plans for you. Since the first copy is free and each additional is a dollar, we were waiting for you to hit the 1,000 mark in papers stolen. This way it’s considered Grand Larceny, which will make it much more serious. Thanks for playing with Columbia City Paper!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Get an advanced copy of Tight Ends and download the pdf at

City Paper hs obtained the "silent" USC settlement amounts through a S.C. Freedom of Information Act request, in regards to the sexual discrimination lawsuit involving current department head and chair Harvey Starr. It's amazing that this was kept out of the papers until now. The amount of tax payer money spent and details in the next City Paper will blow your mind. It will be a fun issue too, as we will also be giving "Worst of" awards.

Thanks for reading,